Greta Thunberg, gender equity

Gender equity, necessary for a sustainable future

Under the slogan “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”, the United Nations Organization (UN) has invited women from all over the world this year to unite under the same objective: open spaces for participation to combat change climate.

The international organization has specified that there is a fundamental link between gender, social equity, and climate change, with women being the ones with the greatest participation in initiatives that promote a more sustainable future.

Angélica Fuentes explains that it is in girls and women that the impact of the climate crisis affects in greater proportion and intensity, thus amplifying another gender gap.

“We see gender inequality present in every aspect of our lives and the effects of climate change are no exception. The climate crisis not only puts at risk many of the essential means, supplies and natural resources for women to have a decent life, but in some countries and contexts it puts their lives at risk”, explains the businesswoman.

“But there is another affectation that is less visible and has to do with how women, from a very early age, must assume great responsibilities to ensure that their families and environments have a supply of food, water or fuel, subjecting them to great pressure” , deepens Fuentes Téllez.

In this sense, the UN emphasizes that just as it is women and girls who must largely bear the burden that a climate crisis attracts, they must also be the ones who lead and direct the change towards more sustainable solutions.

Young women take leadership for climate action

The main promoter of women’s participation in caring for the environment was Rachel Carson, an American biologist and conservationist who contributed to raising awareness about environmental care.

Since then, it has been various women, mainly young women, who have led global movements in order to reduce the ecological impact.

In this regard, Angélica Fuentes highlights the work that the young Swedish woman Greta Thunberg has done since 2019, who is positioned as one of the main banners for climate action, being an example for youth and specifically, for other women.

“Awareness about the importance of environmental care has fallen heavily on women for many years. That youth leaders like Greta Thunberg emerge, are a hope for humanity and show that women want and must have leading roles in areas of importance to humanity, “says Angélica Fuentes.

Just as Thunberg has led efforts so that more and more women and adolescents participate in decision-making, the businesswoman highlights the role of other leaders such as Mariel Sumook, a fighter against climate change; Berta Cáceres, a Honduran symbol of environmental care, Selin Gören climate change activist or Jane Fonda, who in 2019 created the “Fire Drill Fridays” initiative, a series of weekly protests focused on demanding that the main leaders put an end to the generation of new fossil fuels.